Mediation – $180 per Hour for Participants

  • Understanding perspectives of mediation participants in the same room to reach an agreement.
  • Mediation rate to be divided among the participants.

Facilitation – $120 per Hour for a Group

  • Facilitating meetings with groups, teams, and families to discuss problem solving.

Resolution Coaching – $90 per Hour for an Individual

  • Exploring with you your situation and empowering you to communicate with others for yourself.

Settlement Conference – $240 per Hour for Parties

  • Conversing with a mediator in separate rooms to resolve litigation.
  • Pre-trial Settlement Conference rate to be divided among the parties.
  • Low Bono Settlement Conference: We support attorneys who offer low bono services to moderate-means clients, and will consider reducing our rate by matching a low bono attorney’s fee reduction.

Arbitration – $300 per Hour for Parties

  • Appointing an arbitrator to render a decision.
  • Arbitration rate to be divided among the parties.

Brown Resolution may adjust rates from time to time without notice.