Fearon Brown

James Fearon BrownI am a mediator who believes that problems can be resolved through understanding yourself and others. I originally learned this before law school while working at Microsoft, where I deployed internal customized applications by working with different stakeholders and teams to meet their needs. 

After law school, I was grateful to serve as a patent litigator. Yet, I became disappointed that litigating clients would spiral down a black hole of costs with an uncertain outcome  based on a court’s determination of blame. I was discouraged that my task as a litigator was to assign blame, which often proliferated further misunderstandings.

In contrast, as a mediator of complex (and sometimes painful) disputes, I consistently found that mediation provided people with an affordable opportunity to explore satisfying outcomes based on understanding the benefits for all. When meeting with everyone in the same room, our sessions were hard work. Yet we would often finish together with an agreement that resolved problems that had earlier seemed unsolvable.

Having mediated over 180 cases since 2010, I have learned not to let problems fester. I want to support you with whatever difficulty you are facing, no matter how impossible a solution may seem. I can help you step into the future with an agreement, rather than stay mired in the past with a judgment. Please contact me to discover how my resolution services can help you move forward with your circumstances, whether in a workplace, a family home, or a courtroom. You have choices.