James Fearon Brown, JD MBA MS


James Fearon BrownI can help you and your attorney reach a mediated agreement with others that is more satisfying than seeking a judgment in the courtroom.

Faster: Get going with real solutions to your actual problems. You and your attorney can schedule a mediation now. Why wait for a court’s calendar to set your timeline for resolving problems?

Better: With mediation, you and your attorney develop proposals that work for you. You know best what is most important to you. Why leave it to a jury of strangers and a judge to decide your outcome?

Cheaper: Devote your resources and your attorney’s time toward creating a better future through mediation. You can focus on what you need. Why risk a court process spiraling out of your control?

Conflict Coach

I can work with you or your group to enhance your understanding of your situation and to develop skills and strategies for interacting with others, so that you can move forward to achieve your goals.

Next steps to resolve conflict:

  • Are you represented by an attorney? Ask your attorney about how mediation can facilitate faster, better, cheaper results.
  • Are you an attorney? Let’s discuss how mediation can help you get faster, better, cheaper results for your clients.
  • Are you unrepresented? Let’s talk about whether mediation can achieve your goals with do-it-yourself negotiation. Let’s also look at how you can engage an attorney and other advising professionals to assist you along the way.
  • Do you have a conflict that is outside the courtroom? You can arrange for me to facilitate a discussion between you and others. With conflict coaching, I can help you engage in difficult conversations that lead to better understanding and a path forward to resolution.

Brown Resolution PLLC

Providing mediation and conflict resolution services in Washington State, including the Puget Sound region such as the greater Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and Everett areas.